SDR Highlight: Ashley Thompson

At The Selling Factory, our student teams are energetic, accountable, and driven high achievers, who excel at BDR and SDR sales work. Discover more about their experiences, their motivations, and their interests with our SDR Highlights.

My name is Ashley Thompson and I am a third year from Miami, Florida. I am studying public relations and sustainability. I would love to do influencer relations for a beauty/fashion brand. In my free time, I enjoy taking walks and doing yoga, hanging out with my friends and family, and spending time on the water. A fun fact about me is that I love country music!

What do you like to do?

I actually like my day to day life. I love learning at school and I love being able to fill my time with working at The Selling Factory. They both give me extremely positive outlets, and they allow me to meet and connect with new people. I feel accomplished at the end of the day, and that fills my soul. Aside from that, I love to spend time outdoors. Being from South Florida, I have a special connection to the water. When I am in Gainesville, I try to spend time doing homework outside or taking walks around the city. I love hanging out with my friends, cleaning my space/taking care of myself, and I get physical activity in through practicing yoga.

What is your favorite thing that you are involved with on campus?

I know it sounds cliche, but I am a very proud member of Alpha Omicron Pi. This is the sorority that I am involved it, and I love it because it gives me a home away from home. The friends I have met through Alpha Omicron Pi are the most supporting and loving people in the entire world. They never let you have a bad day, and they truly are my safe space in a place that feels so unknown. They motivate me to do better in school, they push me to get to work, make new connections, and learn everything I can. Most importantly, they are there for me when I fall back down, and I need a soft place to land. I could not imagine how my college experience would go without the help of the strongest women I know.

Imagine that you could have any job (be creative), what would it be?

My dream job would be to do influencer relations for a beauty/fashion brands. I want to do PR packages and plan events for product launches. I would also love to stay in the social media realm, and do social media management for companies. What is one accomplishment you are proud of?I am proud of getting into the University of Florida. I am most proud, however, of studying abroad. This has been a dream of mine since I was in elementary school. My Spanish class had watched a show based in Spain, and I remember going home and telling my parents I wanted to study abroad in Spain. They told me that no matter the situation, if I could get into a program, they would make it happen. This past Summer. I got to live out my dream and study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I am proud of making a dream come true. However, the sense of accomplishment lies somewhere else. I have never been a very independent person. I lean on others for support in almost every way I can. Studying abroad was my first time throwing myself into something that I was going to have to support all on my own. I would be thousands of miles away from home with none of my closest friends and family. This terrified me, but it ended up being the biggest lesson. I am proud of not only throwing myself into the situation, but also for getting out in a much better way than I could have ever thought.

What is the best piece of advice (and from who) you have ever received?

I am extremely blessed to have received a lot of advice from everyone in my life. However, the best piece of advice has come from my parents. They love college. They love the academia, the night life, the independence, and the friends. They are constantly reminding me to work hard, and play hard. They are the hardest workers I know. They never leave something undone, whether it is at work or around the house. They do everything they can to never stop learning, and they have instilled those same values in me. However, they also understand that everyone needs an outlet. They push me to hang out with my friends, and to make emotional connections with the people I love the most. Work hard, play hard.

Victoria Zamitalo

Campaign Manager

Victoria received a BA in History and Economics from the University of Florida in May 2023. She is a driven sales professional with over 5 years combined experience in customer service, consumer relations and outbound sales, and is deeply passionate about fostering close relationships between consumers and sellers. She aims to train the next generation of sales professionals in not only the tricks of the trade, but also interpersonal skills that make sales the exciting and ever-changing industry that it is.

Mia Semel

Campaign Manager

Before graduating with a B.A. in Sustainability Studies, Mia took on multiple roles while interning at The Selling Factory, including sales development, recruiting, and leading campaigns. She is an active listener and effective communicator, specializing in fostering genuine connections and finding common ground among differing perspectives. She aims to find practical, creative solutions regarding sustainable development, biodiversity and the climate crisis.

Kira Grieve

Senior Campaign Manager

Kira graduated from the University of Florida and received her Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. She is passionate about helping businesses grow and connecting with new people. Some of her hobbies include traveling and hiking. She hopes to visit all of the National Parks one day!

Jared Glosser

Vice President

After graduating from UF in 2014 with a B.A. in history, Jared started his professional career Fundraising for a non-partisan political lobby in South Florida. In 2016, Jared moved back to Gainesville to work for a non-profit, recruit students for international travel opportunities, and pursue his MBA at UF. Jared has been with The Selling Factory since 2019 focusing on operations, client onboarding, and client success.

Ian Massenburg

Chief Operating Officer

A graduate of University of Florida (B.A. 2001), Ian Massenburg brings over 18 years of sales executive and sales management experience to The Selling Factory. Before coming on-board, Ian worked alongside Brad at Infinite Energy, and then spent his next 3 years as VP of Partnerships selling SaaS products B2B. Ian brings his vast knowledge and experience to the team and to our partner companies served.

Damien Paulk

Campaign Manager

Damien is a University of Florida graduate that recently joined the team full time after working as a Sales Development Intern for one year. As a Campaign Manager, Damien looks forward to contributing to the growth and success of The Selling Factory. When Damien is not at work he enjoys exploring Gainesville with his girlfriend and dog or watching the Gators dominate college football.

Brendan Viehman

Campaign Manager

Brendan graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Project Management. For the past 5 years, he has enjoyed working with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development. In his free time, he surfs and makes personal finance videos for his YouTube channel.

Savannah Howard

Campaign Manager

A graduate from the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, Savannah obtained her Bachelor of Science in public relations with a concentration in French. After almost two years as a sales development intern for The Selling Factory, she joined the leadership team in 2021 taking on the role of Campaign Manager. In her free time, Savannah enjoys going to concerts and festivals and cooking for her friends and family.

Zack Kampf

Campaign Manager

Zack is a creative technologist with experience in advertising, event planning, and game design. He started as an SDR in 2018 and has been with TSF ever since. Upon graduating UF in 2019 he became a campaign manager and is currently seeking a master's degree from NYU. In his spare time, you can find him at the intersection of Art & Technology!

Josiah Blakemore

Growth Manager

Josiah has over 10 years of sales experience, worked with Brad and Ian at Infinite Energy, and also spent time selling SaaS as Director of Partnerships at SharpSpring. He’s always been very competitive and has a love for sports and games. He enjoys solving problems and coaching team members to do the same!

Sue-Ming Frauenhofer

Marketing Manager

Sue-Ming received both her B.S. in Psychology and M.S. in Management from The University of Florida. As a student, she took on multiple roles while interning at The Selling Factory, including sales development, marketing, and recruiting, eventually leading to her current role as Marketing Manager. She enjoys refining her taste in music and visual art, engaging in mindfulness and meditative practices, and frolicking outside with her sidekick pup.

Adam Grossman

Chief Development Officer

Adam is an ordained rabbi, who has founded multiple ventures focused on workforce development. Hired as CEO by a failing non-profit, in over 5 years, his ingenuity saved the organization, which led to recognize it as one of North America’s most innovative Jewish non-profits. His expertise to identify, cultivate, and on-board talent ensures our student teams meet our partners’ needs.

Brad Gamble

Chief Executive Officer

After graduating from UF in 1999 with a B.S.B.A, Brad Gamble has dedicated himself to sales management, branding, coaching, and building companies. He served as the VP of Sales & Marketing for Infinite Energy until 2014, when he founded The Selling Factory. He has dedicated himself to teaching critical skills to tomorrow’s leaders, and helping companies achieve sales success and revenue growth.